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IPR Promotion

IPR Initiatives

Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) has always acknowledged the R&D and promotion of innovation as an integral part of Electronics & ICT ecosystem. It has been supporting the entire value chain of R&D activities in the country ranging from the basic components to sophisticated product development in the sphere of ICT&E.

Recognizing the need for the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) as a vital component of innovation and scientific advance and that many of the benefits of inventions will be lost if the resulting IP is not protected, DeitY has made significant strides in recent years in creating a conducive ICT-IPR ecosystem for creation, protection, awareness and commercialization of IP and IP Rights.

Towards this, DeitY has established a dedicated division for IPR support with the objectives of:

  • Creating awareness and facilitating support
  • Promoting IPR in the field of ICTE
  • Creating a conducive infrastructure for a strong IPR ecosystem

Some of the major initiatives of the division are:


For Further Information:
Dr. A.K. Garg 
E-mail: ajaik[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in 
Telefax: +91-11-24364799