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Innovation Promotion

Startup, Innovation & IPR division of Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) has undertaken a slew of proactive, pre-emptive and graded measures to spur the technology led startup-innovation ecosystem in the country and giving an impetus to the new and emerging technologies. In tune with the changing dynamics, this proactive approach builds from established best practices designed to strengthen the overall tech startup development infrastructure by overcoming persistent bottlenecks. Some of the major initiatives have been elucidated here:

Technology Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs (TIDE 2.0)

MeitY had initiated TIDE 2.0 to promote tech entrepreneurship through financial and technical support to incubators engaged in supporting startups primarily engaged in using emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, Block-chain, Robotics etc. in seven pre-identified areas of societal relevance. TIDE 2.0 is implemented through 51 incubators categorised into 3 major Groups eventually leading to handholding of approximately 2000 tech start-ups over a period of five years. The scheme has a total outlay of Rs 264.62 Crore over a period of 5 years.

The seven select thematic areas identified to address societal challenges based on national priorities are in the realm of:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Education
  3. Agriculture
  4. Financial inclusion including digital payments
  5. Infrastructure and transportation
  6. Environment and clean tech
  7. Clean Energy Solutions

MeitY Startup Hub (MSH)

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) had initiated “MeitY Start-up Hub”(MSH) under TIDE 2.0 scheme as a singular, dynamic, collaborative platform for the tech startup community towards building meaningful synergies in the Indian tech startup space. MSH is being implemented by Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) at a total budget outlay of Rs. 5.18 Crore over a period of five years.

MSH is acting as a national coordination, facilitation and monitoring centre integrating various innovation led start-up activities of MeitY.


To build a conducive innovation ecosystem by bringing together various technology innovation stakeholders, breaking away with the culture of working in silos and paving the way towards a strong economy built on the twin engines of innovation and disruption.


MSH to act as a hub and ensure synergies among all the TIDE 2.0 Centres, theme based incubation centres, Centre of Excellences on Emerging Technologies and other existing platforms for facilitating criss-crossing of technology resources, sharing best practices and ideas across the entire innovation and startup ecosystem.

Objectives of MSH

  • Create vital inter-linkages/ exchanges of information among all the relevant stakeholders on-board and in sync with relevant line Ministries/ Departments
  • Intersection of technology and ideas leading to effective translation of R&D activities for commercial gains
  • Facilitation of commercialization of technology solutions for market outreach
  • Providing technical and business advisory through a cache of Experts and Mentors
  • Facilitate industry connect, fundraising through VCs/Angles and promote globalisation of Indian Tech start-ups
  • Provide the entire range of value added IPR support services like sensitization, protection and compliance of generated IPs

Major attributes of the MSH

  • Intersection of technology and ideas leading to effective translation of R&D activities for commercial gains.
  • Embracing experimentation for coming out with solutions to the challenges across different projects
  • Various stakeholders to converge under a common umbrella
  • Access to development resources which includes design and prototyping of services and licensing of technologies
  • Making business case out of the technologies or solutions developed
  • Spawning the dawn of an innovation ecosystem cutting across functionalities and industries for supporting tech startups
  • Facilitation of crisscrossing of technology resources across gamut of domains for coming out with solutions to the challenges across different projects
  • Capitalizing on strengths of different centers to pull out moderately weaker centres into mainstream activity

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Startup Accelerator Programmes

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) had initiated cohort-based Accelerator Programmes so as to bring-in seed investment, mentorship, industry connect and relevant components. Cohort based Accelerator Programmes offer an intensive, constructive, support system to a competitively selected group of cohort firms in their quest for self-reliance. MeitY had initiated the following 4 Cohort based Accelerator Programmes:

  1. Startup to Scaleup Accelerator by The GAIN, Bangalore:
    The GAIN (Global Accelerator for Innovation Network) is a technology accelerator supporting both Indian and global start-ups. The program consists of 2 Cohorts having 10 startups each for a period of six months primarily in the areas of health-tech and Edutech. The accelerator programme was initiated with total outlay of Rs 3.0 Crore for a period of one year.
  2. Scaleup Programme by T-Hub Foundation, Hyderabad:
    T-Hub has been established to further the cause of startups and entrepreneurship in the region. This accelerator program consists of a single Cohort having 12-15 startups for a duration of one year in the areas of electronics hardware manufacturing and agritech. The accelerator programme was initiated with total outlay of Rs 3.0 Crore over a period of one year.
  3. Bharat Virtual Accelerator (BVA) by The FinTech Meetup (TFM), Mumbai:
    TFM runs Fintech Startup connect programs across the whole gamut of financial services such as The Fintech Yatra. The TFM led program consists of a single Cohort programme to support 13 startups in the FinTech domain with a total outlay of Rs 65 lakh over duration of one year. The programme is being implemented through STPI.
  4. ASSOCHAM Startup Launchpad Series by ASSOCHAM:
    MeitY had approved ASSOCHAM Startup Launchpad Series that is being executed in two phases covering Startup Launchpad series and subsequent acceleration support encompassing initiatives such as startup-investors meet, workshops, incubation support and mentor meet etc. This programme is an initiative to encourage startups and its members to work cohesively and forge win-win partnerships. The programme is designed to give startups a much-needed platform to connect with Industry’s top business leaders. The programme is being implemented through STPI. The programme was initiated with an outlay of Rs. 1 Crore over a period of 1 year.

Scheme for Accelerating Startups around Post COVID Technology Opportunities (SASACT)

MeitY had launched SASACT (Scheme for Accelerating Start-ups Around post-COVID Technology) programme to support electronics hardware/ ICT based tech entrepreneurial initiatives of startups for developing or re-purposing technologies, tools, systems, solutions to respond to the post COVID-19 scenario emerging in the near horizon. Under the programme, eligible startups are being supported to augment and deploy into the market select technology products/ solutions within a span of 1 year. Key action areas being supported under the program are as smart/digital manufacturing including 3D printing, safety equipment, Medtech, Edtech, WFH solutions, fintech and the likes. The scheme is initiated with total outlay of Rs 10.0 Crore over a period of one year.

SASACT is being executed by four Implementing Agencies (IAs), pan India for maximum coverage viz. Foundation for Innovation and Research in Science and Technology (Start up Incubation and Innovation Centre SIIC), IIT Kanpur; Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SINE), IIT Bombay; Coimbatore Innovation and Business Incubator (Forge Accelerator) Coimbatore and KIIT Technology Business Incubator, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar through STPI.