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Information Technology Research Academy (ITRA) Division

Information Technology Research Academy (ITRA)

ITRA was initiated by Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Government of India, as National Programme to help build a national resource for advancing the quality and quantity of R&D in Information and Communications Technologies and Electronics (ICTE, or IT for short) and its applications, in IT and related institutions across India. The core areas of IT lie in various engineering disciplines, notably computer science and engineering, and electrical engineering, although applications may come from almost any discipline. ITRA focuses on strengthening the nation’s competitiveness by expanding the R&D base in IT, especially by leveraging the large IT education sector and IT users such as government, industry and other organizations. The enhanced IT R&D capacity created through ITRA will impact the overall ecosystem of Information Technology, to be reflected in the numbers of research groups and labs created, new research areas initiated, scale of PhD graduations, new curricula, innovative solutions to industrial and societal problems, strong linkages with R&D groups, etc.

The main objective of ITRA is to achieve competitive advantage in IT and increasing the national R&D capacity, both quantitatively and qualitatively. This will be accomplished by:

  • Building R&D Groups in IT
  • Networking the Groups and connecting them to Industry and Society
  • Producing high quality PhDs for Industry, R&D labs and Academic Institutions
  • Enabling innovation in IT
  • Enhancing societal problem solving skills

ITRA is designed to produce a large numbers of IT researchers who are well equipped with the latest IT knowledge, educated in relating classroom knowledge to developing solutions, trained to spot problems amenable to IT solutions, motivated to identify societal problems in IT and other domains, and exposed to mechanisms for converting lab solutions to working prototypes. ITRA activities are aimed at a major increase in the national capacity of producing PhDs who could become faculty in academic institutions and address the needs of the industry and society at large.

Thrust areas:

ITRA began with two focus areas, viz., “Mobile Computing, Networking and Applications (ITRA-Mobile)”, and “IT based Innovations in Water Resources Sustainability (ITRA-Water)”. In ITRA-Mobile, 9 teams, consisting of 38 institutions, and in ITRA-Water, 5 teams, consisting of 24 institutions, have been selected and are currently engaged in research and development projects identified in their roadmaps. The anticipated number of PhD students targeted to be involved in these two focus areas during the current 3-year project period is around 150. 3 year projects under ITRA-Mobile and ITRA-Water shall conclude in Dec 2016.

Two more focus areas, “IT Transformations in Indian Agriculture and Food (ITRA-Ag&Food)” and“Human Simulator for Amyloids Related Diseases (ITRA-HuSim)” has also beeninitiated, and the selection process is currently ongoing. The projects that will be initiated in these 2 areas shall conclude in Dec 2018.

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Dr. B.K. Murthy Smt. Alpana Dey -- Prof. Narendra Ahuja
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