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Industrial Applications

Industrial and Electronics Application Development DivisionThe core areas of Industrial Electronics can be segmented into Power Electronics, Factory Automation, Mechatronics, Intelligent Systems and emerging technologies that include a gamut of Internet based applications.

Some of the key drivers of Industrial Electronics today are the trend towards more compact components and system integration, innovative products offering greater flexibility, safety, reliability, energy savings, wide range of connectivity, self diagnostic facilities and products with long operating lifetimes. In this regard a concerted effort is on to create right infrastructure, design capability and R&D in the emerging areas of technologies to meet up to the challenges of core industrial sectors like Energy, Transport and Automotives, Steel, Textiles, Pulp & Paper, along with Agriculture, Water Resources etc. The Division has been successfully assisting the industries particularly the SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) by making available viable and cost-effective technologies.

DeitY has conceptualised and evolved major programmes targeted to address the specific technological needs of the Power Electronics, Industrial Automation, Road Transport Sectors and Agriculture & Environment. Some of these include National Programme on Power Electronics Technology (NaMPET), Automation Systems Technology Centre (ASTeC) Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and Electronics Applications in Agriculture & Environment (e-AgriEn). As an example, NaMPET in its Phase-I has created a network of experts in the country, with expertise to take up research work in the emerging areas of power electronics. Under the umbrella of NaMPET, several projects have been funded for development of futuristic technologies. Under the programme a few technologies have been developed for the first time in India and some of them have been transferred to industries for commercialisatiion. NaMPET has been successful in generating keen interest amongst researchers, organisations and industry in the country.

Generally, the projects undertaken by the Division are implemented through Deity’s own societies like C-DAC, SAMEER, national laboratories such as CSIR, CPRI and other research agencies. Specific projects for competitive R&D are also undertaken at relevant manufacturing industries. A continued interaction with institutions of higher learning like IITs and IISc makes the department understand the needs of the academia as well as stay in touch with cutting edge developments. For field oriented application projects, the Division ensures participation of the end user and concerned Ministry for effective implementation.