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On Going R&D Projects

1. In-Silico Prediction of Sub cellular Localization submitted by National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, S.A.S. Nagar, Punjab .

A project is underway at S.A.S. Nagar, Punjab, with the following objective:

  • To construct trypanosomatidae database to provide a comprehensive information resource for T. brucei, T. cruzi, L. major and L. infantum genes and proteins.
  • Predict protein function from sequence derived features using artificial intelligence. Prediction of Enzyme class (E.C. No.). Prediction of subcellular lacalization.
  • Prediction of protein fold.
  • Selection of hypothetical proteins and prediction of protein function using the algorithms developed.
  • Clone and express two novel targets in L. majo.

2. Algorithms Software and Database to analyze nucleic acid sequence and protein structure, IISc, Bangalore .

A project is underway at IISc, Bangalore with the objective to develop algorithms (Interspaced Repeat Finder, Motif Finder, Protein Structure comparison) and create high-end computing engines and databases (IRDB, DRDB and DRDB) that would analyze both genomes an proteomes.

3.I Alinger- A Novel approach using self-organizing Genetic Algorithms for MSA to discover intron patterns at Pondicherry University.

A project is implemented at Pondicherry University with the following objective:

  • To develop web based sequence ignment tool exploiting Genetic algorithm with self- organizing concept for the lignment to discover the conserved regions (patterns) of intron sequences.
  • Design and develop a web based tools to extract intron sequences.
  • Apply this tool for systematic analysis of intron sequences with a view to perform better multiple sequence alignment of introns to facilitate the motif predictions.

4. Development of statistical machine learning tools and methods for analysis of Microarray gene expression data at CTCRI, Thiruvananthapuram .

A project is underway at CTCRI, Thiruvananthapuram with the following objective:

  • To optimize the feature subset selection (FSS) methods for gene selection and to develop hybrid methods and tools of discriminative learning techniques using statistical machine learning techniques.
  • Developing tools for Gene network construction using probabilistic graphic models from microarray gene expression data.
  • Developing tools which integrates sequence information along with gene expression data.
  • Application of the tools for analyzing cassava gene expression data and publicly available datasets and web enabling of the development tools.

5. Development and Utilization of Bioinformatics Resources and Application Facility (BRAF Phase III): New Technologies and Applications at CDAC, Pune.

A project is underway at CDAC, Pune with the objective:

  • To provide BRAF, a high end computing resources with application software in Bioinformatics.
  • Software for MD data analysis and visualization.
  • Pipeline for NGS data assembly and analysis.
  • Support and coordinate databases on BRAF.
  • Collaboration with govt. institutes, academia and industry.
  • Training/symposium/workshops for research fellows and students.

6. Virtual Observatory India- The Next Generation (VOI-TNG) Phase-II at IUCAA, Pune.

A project is underway at IUCAA, Pune. This will be a major effort to utilize the most recent advances in computer hardware and software technology to develop a new generation of data analysis, visualization and mining tools, using state-of arts computer clusters, grid computing and machine learning techniques.

7. Development of an Indian Human Body Finite Element Human Body Model for use in Impact, Textile and Medical Applications at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

A project is underway at IIT Delhi with the objective to develop a methodology for developing, maintaining and manipulating the database associated with human body finite element models; at the same time developing a Finite Element Human Body Model for a 50 percentile Indian male.