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FOSS Products

FOSS Products

1. BOSS – Indian version of GNU/Linux coupled with user friendly desktop environment and softwares like Libre-Office office suite, GIMP image manipulator, Orca screen reader, Iceweasel web browser, Evolution mail client, etc.

2. EduBOSS – Educational variant of BOSS, full-featured, user friendly linux operating system; pre-installed with educational applications, games, paint & graphic tools, typing tutor and a host of tools & packages for learning & teaching useful for schools.

3. BOSS Server – BOSS server is a light-weight version of Debian based GNU/Linux with necessary security features enabled, designed for hosting web server, proxy server, mail server, network server, database server, file & print server, virtualization server, etc. Particularly useful for SMEs & Government organizations for hosting their website & internal servers.

4. Meghdoot – Indigenously developed cloud suite using free & open source softwares to offer cloud services.

5. Swar-Suchak – An open source voice enabled information retrieval system in multiple languages. The voice gateway successfully integrates the mobile telephone network with automatic speech recognition system, text to speech system for Hindi & English and web navigation system based on open standards using open source softwares only.

6. GEM – GEstures with Mouse (GEM) provide an input mechanism, developed for linux desktop, uses gestures to give input to the system. Gestures can be drawn using mouse or some equivalent device like touchpad, joystick, etc. GEM provides support for continuous as well as discontinuous gestures.

7. Anumaan – Anumaan is an open source, on-screen predictive text entry system to aid people with motor disabilities. It has been integrated with Linux desktop and also available as a stand alone tool. Anumaan provides an easy to use interface for incorporating predictions in text.

8. ALViC – Accessible Linux for Visually Challanged (ALViC) is a software based assistive technologies / solutions developed for differently-abled people. The main aim is to make computer usage easier & affordable that will empower differently abled people to use ICT services efficiently & effectively.

9. Creative Computing @ Schools – An educational e-journal for CBSE to share educational pedagogical experience by teachers and students’ innovative ideas. As an e-product, it is cost-effective and has the advantage of quick & definite delivery to ‘student & teacher’ community.

10. ILMS – Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) is a most advanced & cost effective open source automation solution for Public, Academic and Digital Video Libraries with comprehensive functionality successfully integrating Koha & D-Space successfully integrating Koha & D-Space.