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Government of India Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology

Electronic Materials & Components Development Division

Electronic materials and components are critical backbone of electronic hardware and the equipments used in Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunication sector. Innovation of advanced material and associated process technology enables the world to miniaturize electronics devices, which in turn contributes to the growth of ICT and electronics sectors. Miniaturization of electronic components and advancement in assembly technologies are driven by innovations in new materials and associated process technologies. Electronic Materials Development Programme (EMDP) focuses on sponsoring R&D programmes in the emerging field of material science and technology at leading institutions such as C-MET, IITs, IISc, CSIR labs and other research institute of country. The scope of the programme is to develop new materials, process methodologies and technologies leading to development of components or equipments.

The approach is to develop processes/technologies leading to development of materials and components for use in electronic industry.

Thrust areas include energy storage, energy conversion, supercapacitors, flexible electronics, sensors materials, electro-magnetic shielding, electronics device packaging, green materials, nano-materials and their applications, fibre communication, special optical fibers, photonic crystal fibers, nanophotonics, polymers for photonics, photonics sensors, displays etc.

Some of the key areas focused on also include, electronic waste recycling technology, infrastructure for testing and certification of hazardous substance in electronics, environmental impact during manufacturing, and energy saving aspects of equipment operations. The focus will also be given to consolidate and strengthen activities where capability and infrastructure have already been developed to bring the sub-optimal R&D efforts to pilot/commercial level in material science and photonics. Beside this emphasis will also be given on carrying out basic fundamental research on futuristic materials leading to technology up-gradation and manpower development and training.

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