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Electronic Components Materials Division Projects

Major on-going Projects

Development pilot production of Nano-PZT compositions & Piezoceramic components

Develop new nanomagnetic metamaterials with tunable magnetic properties in the GHZ and sub-THz range and fabricate the magnonic crystals by using nanolithography and thin film deposition techniques. In addition to characterize the high frequency magnonic band structures using novel broadband ferromagnetic resonance and time-resolved magneto-optical Kerr effect techniques and to search for band gaps.

Polymer based Sensors

Development of polymer based sensors, built around cholesteryl methacrylate (PCHMAS) and co-poly-sulfone of cholesteryl methacrylate with n-hexene (PCHMASH). Second layer of co-polymer will be made with poly-2-vinyl pyridine and acrylonitrile (P-2VP-co-AN) or a graft copolymer of acrylonitrile on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA-g-AN) to enhance the efficiency.

Organic Film Transistors

Develop organic film transistors based on polymer, small molecules and hybrid (organic/inorganic) systems on hard as well as flexible substrates such polymer films, metal foils or sheets.

Photoconducting Paste (using Semiconductor Nanostructures)

In-house Development of Photoconducting Paste (using Semiconductor Nanostructures) for Exploration in Photopatternable Thick Film Technology for Advanced Optoelectronic Applications.

Electromagnetic interference shielding applications

Development of MWCNT filled polycarbonate/ polypropylene double percolating polymer blend nano composites. Chemical modification and characterization of Carbon Nano Tube (CNT).

Sustainability and upgradation of Government owned RoHS test laboratory,

Develop the analytical facility as well as procedures and to train manpower and optimize the use of chemicals and consumables to handle the analysis of approximately 960 samples per annum for their hazardous material content. This should also result in generation of about Rs. 48-50 lakhs of revenue per annum continuously after completion of the project duration.

RoHS test laboratory

FBG sensor for condition monitoring of railway catenary-pantograph structure

In-depth study and finite element (FE) analysis of pantograph/catenary interaction and finding solution for optimal sensor location, sensitivity etc. to measure contact force that arises due to pantograph/catenary interaction. Design and development of methodology for protecting, encapsulating and deployment of FBG strain and temperature sensors for use in this application. Development of an application specific FBG signal processing unit.

Thulium Doped 'All-Fiber' MOPA at 2 μm region for Medical Application

Design and development of stable laser at 2 micron region with moderate to high power level in Continuous Wave as well as Pulsed regime.

Solar cells based on quantum dots and organic semiconductors

Demonstration of hybrid core-shell nanoparticles with inorganic semiconductors in the core and organic molecules in the shell in photovoltaic devices and fabrication of photovoltaic solar cells based on semiconductors nanostructures with a junction.

Fabrication of solar cells based on Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) technique

Synthesis of polymer-PbS and Polymer CdS nanocomposites for application in solar cells. Fabrication of II-VI single-junction and multijunction solar cell based on CBD technique, their comparison, measurement of parameters of Solar cells.

Nature-inspired low cost organic and their nano composites based photovoltaic solar cells

Development of low cost organic and their nano composites based photovoltaic solar cells.

Development of Polymer Nano-composite Based Photovoltaic Devices

Fabrication of solar cell by using the polymer nanocomposite as the active material with Improved Efficiency

High speed modal wavefront sensor of light beams

Design and development of a fast optical wavefront sensor that can measure wavefront errors in a laser beam in real time application in free space communication system to measure wave front distortions. Two patents on “A zonal wavefront sensing device with higher spatial resolution and a zonal wavefront sensing device with improved accuracy have been submitted for process by DeitY.

Development of Optical Isolators using Quantum Dot based Photonic Glasses

Development of semiconductor quantum dot based magneto optical Faraday rotators for optical isolator.

Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes

A world class facility for growth molecular epitaxy has been setup. Large no. of student and fellow trained and good quality layer produced work on submitting patents in new growth techniques of the active region of LEDs is in progress.

Photonics Research Fellowship

The developing of a resource base of personnel trained to carry out advanced research in Photonics and also providing of dedicated personnel to leading research labs.

Major completed Projects

Development of graphene supercapacitors for power electronics

Development of graphene based electrodes for super capacitors. Fabrication of super capacitor. Optimization of the process conditions to get low ESR and high energy density and power density super-capacitors. Testing and evaluation of super capacitor.

Piezoelectric Multilayer Actuator

Design and development of piezoelectric Multi layer (ML) actuator for micro valve application. Under the project Piezoelectric multilayer actuator was designed and developed for MEMS based micro valve at C-MET, Thrissur. Multilayer (ML) ring type actuators (2mm) were fabricated with the targeted specification and qualification schemes of LEOS, ISRO, Bangalore. Fabrication of 8mm bonded ML ring actuator using ultrasonic milling has been completed for evaluation and space qualification LEOS.

GHz frequency filters and attenuators

High frequency (GHz) filters and attenuato• Establishment of testing facilities for the hazardous substances as per European Union (EU) directive of Restricting the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) at C- MET, Hyderabadrs are developed using emerging materials of nanoscale magnonic crystals at S. N. BNCBS, Kolkata. Antidote lattices on magnetic multilayers using Co(0.75nm)/Pd(0.9nm, bi-component magnetic antidots with CoFe filling in Ni80Fe20 antidots, and permalloy nanodot arrays integrated with co-planar waveguides were fabricated.

Lead-Free X-ray absorbing materials

Development of Prototypes Aprons, Glass sheets and Curtains from Lead-Free X-ray absorbing materials at C-MET Pune.

Novel recovery and conversion of Plastics from WEEE

Developed an environmentally friendly process to obtain recycled plastics from e-waste with improved performance characteristics. Effective utilization of thermoset plastic materials like Epoxy, Phenolic etc used as Laminates and PCBs, IC packaging.

Broadband EMI shielding materials

Development of EMI shielding material with enhanced shielding effectiveness (SE) that extends over a broad range of microwave frequencies at Tezpur University Assam.

Testing Facilities for the Hazardous Substances

Establishment of testing facilities for the hazardous substances as per European Union (EU) directive of Restricting the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) at C- MET, Hyderabad

Developing special Coating Materials

Development of lead free X-ray absorbing coating materials for various applications at C-MET, Pune

Technology for Recycling of Electronic Waste

Development of a processing technology for recycle and reuse of electronic wastes at NML, Jamshedpur.

Piezoceramic Composition and Components

Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET) , Thrissur has developed the piezoceramic compositions which are engineered for enhanced electromechanical properties and Different standard compositions,

Synthesis of Nano NTC material

Synthesis of Nano NTC material and development of chip-in-glass fast response thermal sensors at C-MET Thrissur

RoHS Testing and Certification Centre

A state of the art analytical facility with NABL accreditation has been set up for testing of the hazardous substance present in the electronics products. This would facilitate electronic export to European Union by analyzing the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) in products, issuing RoHS compliance certificate after thorough testing of the samples for all the requisite limits of the substances by standard analytical procedures. The Centre aims to follow strictly all the procedures laid down for RoHS compliance as per European Union directives.


  • Construction and Multi-site commissioning of Multiple Fluorescence Correlation Spectrometers FCS (A single molecule biophotonic tool) at TIFR, Mumbai
  • Differential Reflectance Modulation Sensing for DNA Detection at IISc Bangalore

Fiber Lasers

  • Fabrication of rare-earth doped fibers for high power fiber lasers through nano-particle deposition at CGCRI,Kolkata
  • Tunable and multi-wavelength fiber laser for fiber optic applications at IIT, Bombay

Green Photonics

  • Fabrication & Characterization of Blue OLED, NITK Surathkal.
  • Innovative Light Extraction Technology for White OLEDs IIT(D), Delhi
  • Innovative Light Extraction Technology for White OLEDs IIT(R), Roorkee

Optical Amplifier

  • Design and Development of Mid-stage Access EDFA, IIT (D), Optiwave Photonics, Hyderabad.

Optical Fibers

  • Distributed Strain & Temperature Sensing Using Inelastic Processes in Optical Fiber at IIT(M)

New initiative

  • Fourth Centre for C-MET with Energy Centric Materials Mandate.
  • Packaged Fiber Laser Modules for making ‘Stents’ and marking Medical parts.
  • Processing E-Waste by environmentally sound methods and indigenous recover of precious metals from PCB etc.
  • Pilot scale production of aerogel supercapacitors for electronic applications.
  • Development of thermal sensor based monitoring system for the early detection and screening of breast cancer.
  • Prototype development of fuel cell using nano functional materials,
  • Graphene based supercapacitor application.