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E-Learning is one of the thrust area identified by MeitY for imparting education using educational tools and communication media. It is the learning facilitated and supported by Information Communication technologies (ICT). The broad objective is to develop tools and technologies to promote e-learning in the country. E-learning mode and the related tools provide a platform for enhanced learning, cost effective delivery, flexibility of learning at the convenience of the learner, uniform quality content delivery, re-usability of the content etc.

The Department has been financially supporting R&D projects in the area of E-Learning at various academic educational institutes, R&D Labs etc. MeitY, in the past, has been providing grant-in-aid for R&D projects in the area of content development, R&D/ Technology development projects, Human Resource Development projects & Faculty Training to improve literacy through distance education using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Tools (Computers, Multimedia and the Web).

Later the projects were initiated in the area of both hardware and software development for e-learning tools, technologies and pedagogy etc. While developing new tools and solutions, efforts were made by creating impact through already designed technologies through their roll-out for use.

Indicating upcoming new e-learning tools and technologies are identified as under:

i. Development of a framework for qualitative online testing;

ii. Development of a framework/standard for quality assessment of e-Learning content;

iii. Development of new technologies, applications and tools for Microlearning, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Gamification;

iv. Development of Simulations, Interactive Experiments including 3D Labs;

v. Development of mobile compatible e-content packaging and delivery systems;

vi. Development of curricula content using AR/VR;

vii. Adaptive Learning; Personalized e-Learning; and

viii. Big Data Reporting and Learning Analytics i.e. measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts.

Ongoing Projects

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  1. Olabs NextG (OLabs Next Generation): The objective of the NextG (OLabs Next Generation) project is to design and develop 500 Online Labs and upgradation of existing 173 labs using latest tools/technologies for the students of classes VI-XII for various subjects.

    OLabs portal (http://www.olabs.edu.in/) is a resource point for access of online Labs which covers all experiments as per CBSE curriculum for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and also activities under Maths and English. These are available through regional languages namely Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, etc.

    For more details please click here (http://www.olabs.edu.in)
  2. AyurSIM - Ayurvedic Virtual Clinical Simulation: The objective of the project is to design of a platform to offer Ayurvedic Virtual Patients to support patients Assessment (Rogi Pariksha) and disease assessment (Rogi Pariksha) and design of Ayurvedic virtual patient cases with both diagnostic and treatment module. Design simulations/ animations videos to support patient assessment and disease assessment. The modules will support multiple consultation and inpatient treatment. Training to all Ayurvedic colleges in Gujarat and free access to all users and have to perform 54 clinical cases and 54 case simulations.

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