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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) together with Internet is making it possible to share vast amount of knowledge and information and is driving all round socio-economic changes and growth. E-Infrastructure is the key enabler for the information and knowledge society. E-Infrastructure comprises tools, facilities and resources that are needed for advanced collaboration and includes integration of various technologies such as Internet broadband channels, computing power, bandwidth provisioning, data storage, grid based resource sharing etc. To sustain the growth of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) and to meet the challenges of globalization leading to highly competitive markets, there is a continuing need to invest in quality infrastructure, promote R&D efforts, create intellectual property in communications, Internet and broadband technologies, and address the related policy issues.

Initiatives of MeitY in the area of E-Infrastructure are:

1.National Policy on Universal Electronic Accessibility[PDF]88.89 KB

The Constitution of India ensures justice, equality, liberty and fraternity, assures dignity of the individual and quality of status and opportunities to all its citizens including differently-abled persons. In the electronics age, electronic and ICT products/services are used in all areas of life such as education, health, employment, entertainment, banking etc. Electronics & ICTs can mitigate the barriers faced by differentially-abled persons as well as help them to participate independently in day-to-day life. It is imperative to ensure that Electronics & ICTs are accessible to differentially-abled so that they act as an enabler for providing equal opportunities to the differentially-abled. Keeping in view the same, a National Policy on Universal Electronic Accessibility was formulated by this Department with input from all stake holders. The policy was approved by the Cabinet on 3rd October, 2013 and it was notified on 25th October, 2013. 

The policy recognizes the need to eliminate discrimination on the basis of disabilities and to facilitate equal access to Electronics & ICTs. The National Policy also recognizes the diversity of differently-abled persons and provides for their specific needs. The Policy covers accessibility requirements in the area of Electronics and ICT. It recognizes the need for ensuring that accessibility standards and guidelines and universal design concepts are adopted and adhered to.

R & D projects funded by E-Infrastructure Division are:

To promote development of E-Infrastructure and to promote R & D in emerging areas of E-Infrastructure, this division has funded projects to various R & D Institutes and organisations. A list of R & D projects funded is given below.

1)R&D projects initiated during X th and XI th Plan Period[PDF]153.78 KB

2) R&D projects initiated and completed during XIIth Plan period[PDF]43.75 KB

3) R&D projects initiated and ongoing during XIIth Plan period[PDF]44.01 KB

For further details please contact

Shri A.K. Balan
Scientist G & GC, E-Infrastructure Division 
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology 
Electronics Niketan 
6 CGO Complex 
Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110 003 
E-mail: akbalani[at]meity[dot]gov[dot]in 
Phone No: +91-11-24364755, 24301468

Shri V.M. Gupta 
Scientist E & HoD, 
E-Infrastructure Division 
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Electronics Niketan 
6 CGO Complex 
Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110 003 
E-mail: vm[dot]gupta[at]meity[dot]gov[dot]in 
Phone No: +91-11-24362115, 24301396

Smt Meenakshi Agarwal 
Scientist C , 
E-Infrastructure Division E-Infrastructure/E-Learning Group 
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology 
Electronics Niketan 
6 CGO Complex 
Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110 003 
E-mail: meenakshi[dot]agarwal[at]meity[dot]gov[dot]in 
Phone No: +91-11-24301573