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E-Governance Group-Group-VI

S.No. File ID
    Policy Matters
1. 1(1)/2005-EGD Policy Norms for establishment of Common Services under the aegis of NEGAP
2. 1(2)/2005-EGD Formation of Guideline for finding states under the Budgetary Provision for Additional Central Assisted to states for the NEGAP
3. 1(3)/2005-EGD Approach of Key companies of Mat e.gov plan
4. 1(4)/2005-EGD Technical Assistance to UTs under NEGAP for capacity Building proposal
5. 1(5)/2005-EGD Review meeting by the Cabinet Secretary Mission
6. 1(6)/2005-EGD Submission of Implementation status Report on the issue e-Governance
7. 1(7)/2005-EGD State wise meeting of Cabinet Secretary with Chief Secretary (AP)
8. 1(8)/2005-EGD Meeting of Cabinet Secretary with Chief Secretary of Goa
    Administrative/Gen matters/Web site
9 2(1)/2005-EGD Setting up of PMU (Program Management Unit) in DIT
10 2(2)/2005-EGD Policy Guidelines for the development & Promotion of Governmental Public domain Information
11 2(3)/2005-EGD Administrative matters regarding
12 2(4)/2005-EGD E-Gov world -The Knowledge Portal
13 2(5)/2005- EGD Establishment of Rural Knowledge centers.
14 2(6)/2005-EGD Performance Report E- governance with reference to the 10 point agenda
15 2(7)/2005-EGD Inputs on MOU with MCIT & Microsoft
16 2(8)/2005-EGD Movie on e - Gov
17 2(9)/2005-EGD Immigration Problems at Airports
18 2(10)/2005-EGD Notes on World Bank Aide Moire and report of the Standing Committee on IT-Need for PMU
19 2(11)/2005-EGD Correspondence with Election Commission
20 2(12)/2005-EGD Request for SWAN Program from speaker of Lok Sabha
21 2(13)/2005-EGD Correspondence with Secretary - Expenditure
22 2(14)/2005-EGD VIP Reference Communication from MP (RS) to MOCIT
23 2(15)/2005-EGD Court case high court of Kerala reg procurement of servers etc.
24 2(16)/2005-EGD India security Press (ISP) reg e-Governance
25 2(17)2005-EGD Pertaining to amendment to the (GOI) Transaction of Business)Rules 1961
26 2(18)/2005-EGD DIT initiatives on Trial run of the engineering nodal of Rural PC at Rural kiosks.
27 2(19)/2005-EGD Administrative structure, Introduction e-governance initiatives and liberalise and simplify policies
28 2(20)/2005-EGD Tableaux for the Republic day Parade 2006.
29 2(21)/2005-EGD Code of Corporate Governance for Central Public Sector Enterprises
30 2(22)/2005-EGD Inaugural Issue of Infra Educa-a-bi-Monthly Magazine
    TDC Related matters/Financial matters
31 3(1)/2005-EGD DCA 21 Project implementation
32 3(2)/2005-EGD EFC approval for SWAN schemes for all 29 States
33 3(3)/2005-EGD Hubli Dharward Municipal Corporation for computer under National e-Governance Action Plan
34 3(4)/2005-EGD Computerisation of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Request for releases of grants from central pool reg.
35 3(5)/2005-EGD Roll out of e governance Republication Project Transport in the state of Kerala Consultancy assignment
36 3(6)/2005-EGD E-Governance project for Sawai ManSingh Hospital (SMS), Jaipur under the National e-Governance Action Plan NEGAP
37 3(7)/2005-EGD Project to introduce e Governance in Technical Education
38 3(8)/2005-EGD Computer Society of India e Governance award reg.
39 3(9)/2005-EGD Proposal for Designing, Developing ,Testing and Implementation of Integrated Software for e Governance JNU
40 3(10)/2005-EGD EFC Proposal on State Wide Area Network for the state of Arunachal Pradesh
41 3(11)/2005-EGD State wide rollout of e Governance project "land registration in the state of West Bengal
42 3(12)/2005-EGD Pilot Citizen Service Centre for the state of Nagaland
43 3(13)/2005-EGD Video Conferencing and high speed Internet in the 24 District Head Quarter of the state of Orissa
44 3(14)/2005-EGD Video Conferencing and High speed Internet in the 20 District Head Quarter of the State of Haryana
45 3(15)/2005-EGD Empowered Committee for e governance Projects in Karnataka
46 3(16)/2005-EGD IT Training for government employees Sikkim State
47 3(17)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN in the State of Maharashtra Approval by Empowered Committee reg.
48 3(18)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN in the State of Orissa approval by empowered Committee reg.
49 3(19)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN in the state of Madhya Pradesh approval by Empowered Committee reg.
50 3(20)/2005-EGD Establishment of State of Uttar Pradesh Approval by Empowered Committee reg.
51 3(21)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN in the state of NCT of Delhi Approval by Empowered Committee reg.
52 3(22)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN in the state of Himachal Pradesh
53 3(23)/2005-EGD State on the e Governance projects
54 3(24)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN IN THE State of Lakshwadeep Approval by empowers committee reg.
55 3(25)/2005-EGD Establishing Video Conferencing and high Speed Internet Facility in 28 Districts Hqrs of State of Bihar
56 3(26)/2005-EGD Establishing Video Conferencing of High Speed Internet Facility in 14 Districts HQs of State of Kerala
57 3(27)/2005-EGD Extensions of NIC NET to Sub - divisional in the NE States reg.
58 3(28)/2005-EGD Project proposal for National e Governance Action Plan NEGAP Containing 7 project of Manipur
59 3(29)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN in the State of Tripura Approval by empowered Committee regarding
60 3(30)/2005-EGD Creation of Community Information Centre (CIC) under e governance for rural masses in Bihar
61 3(31)/2005-EGD Project proposal for design and development of Data Centre based on the standard META DATA Structure and online e governance Portal for Utter Pradesh
62 3(32)/2005-EGD Data Centre MSWAM Project
63 3(33)/2005-EGD Horizontal Transfer of successful e Gov initiatives proposal for preparation of a project report on e districts
64 3(34)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN in the state of Pondicherry Approval by Empowered Committee regarding
65 3(35)/2005-EGD Proposal for assistance from the DIT for the Statewide rollout of Land Record and Land Registration computerization projects.
66 3(36)/2005-EGD Project Proposal on Empowerment of masses through e governance in Puri District of Orissa State
67 3(37)/2005-EGD Setting up of e Gram suctioned at Panchayat ward level in Sikkim
68 3(38)/2005-EGD E Governance project ARIVU Pilot project at Kayamkulam proposal of C-DIT Thiruvananthapuram
69 3(39)/2005-EGD Proposal for Integrated State wide rollout of Land Registration and Land Record project under originated transfer of successful e Governance initiatives
70 3(40)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN in the State of Mizoram approval 6 Empowered Committee
71 3(41)/2005-EGD Request for Technical Assistance for roll out of Land Records Computerization project by Govt of Punjab
72 3(42)/2005-EGD Computerization of Income tax Department
73 3(43)/2005-EGD Studies of World Bank Project Support to NEGP
74 3(44)/2005-EGD Request for funding and technical assurance for IT initiative of Bangalore Development Authorize
75 3(45)/2005-EGD Proposal from New Delhi municipal Council and Municipal corporation of Delhi regarding Capital finding requirements of e governance projects
76 3(46)/2005-EGD Implementation of Lokvani in Sitapur District UP
77 3(47)/2005-EGD Provisioning of server facilities in Karnataka Secretariat by NIC.
78 3(48)/2005-EGD State Wide rollout for Land Registration project in the state of Punjab (Horizontal Transfer of successful e Governance)
79 3(49)/2005-EGD Implementation of CRGMS project of NCT of Delhi under CSC scheme of DIT.
80 3(50)/2005-EGD Replication of Governance project of computerization Land Record and Registration in the State of Mizoram
81 3(51)/2005-EGD State wide Rollout for Land Record computerization project in the state of Punjab(Horizontal Transfer of Successful e-Governance Initiatives)
82 3(52)/2005-EGD e-Governance Solution for Immigration proposal.
83 3(53)/2005-EGD Project proposal e-Jan Sanpark Projection Union Territory of Chandigarh
84 3(54)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN in the state of Bihar approval by Empowered Committee regarding
85 3(55)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN in the state of Sikkim approval by Empowered committee regarding
86 3(56)/2005-EGD Establishment SWAN in the state of Haryana
87 3(57)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN in the state of Rajasthan approval by Empowered Committee reg
88 3(58)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN in the state of Chhattisgarh approval of Empowered committee reg.
89 3(59)/2005-EGD Replication of e-governance project Transport in the state of Orissa
90 3(60)/2005-EGD Replication of e-governance project transport in the state of Chattisgarh
91 3(61)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN in the state of Chandigarh.
92 3(62)/2005-EGD Establishment of Swan in the state of Chandigarh (This file with F.No.3(61)/2005-EGD)
93 3(63)/2005-EGD E-Mail and Data centre initiatives for Government of Pondicherry
94 3(64)/2005-EGD Establishment of SWAN in the state of Manipur –Approved by Empowered Committee reg.
95 3(65)/2005-EGD Training Centre for ICT Training in Tripura State
96 3(66)/2005-EGD Notes on Implementation of e-Governance project for standing committee on Information Technology
    Budget Related matters
97 4(1)/2005-EGD Budget related matters rel. e governance
98 4(2)/2005-EGD Performance Budget 2004-05
99 4(3)/2005-EGD Demands for grants for the year 2005-06 rel. DIT,
100 4(4)/2005-EGD Audit Para Relating matters
  4(5)/2005-EGD Obtaining of outstanding UCs.
    Parliament related matters
101 5(1)/2005-EGD Consultation with eminent experts institutions by Committees and members of Parliament
102 5(2)/2005-EGD Parliament related matters
103 5(3)/2005-EGD Parliament standing Committee on IT
104 5(4)/2005-EGD Briefing by the representatives of Department of Information Technology and various IT service /solution providers on Implementation of e-governance project
105 5(5)/2005-EGD Parliament Consultative Committee
106 5(6)/2005-EGD Standing Committee on IT (8 th report ) on action taken by Govt. on the recommendation of sensations of the committed 56 th report on working of NISG's all states
    Annual Plan/Annual action plan/Annual report
107 6(1)/2005-EGD Annual Action Plan for 2005-06
108 6(2)/2005-EGD Action Plan for Thrust Areas
109 6(3)/2005-EGD Approach paper Eleventh Five Plan
    O&M Division related matters reports/returns
110 7(1)/2005-EGD Check on delays calls pending disposal for over a month monthly report reg
111 7(2)/2005-EGD Other division OPA
112 7(3)/2005-EGD Channel of Submission and levels official disposal of different categories of cases
113 7(4)/2005-EGD Nomination for public Information officer
    Interaction with Ministry
114 11(1)/2005-EGD Interaction with NIC
115 11(2)/2005-EGD Ministry of Higher Education Network
116 11(3)/2005-EGD Constitution of an Inter Ministerial Group to study the existing activities of the Department of Posts
117 11(4)/2005-EGD Interaction with NICSI
    Miscellaneous matters
118 12(1)/2005-EGD Minister Agenda for e governance
119 12(2)/2005-EGD Correspondence on Mission 2007 every village- a knowledge centre
120 12(3)/2005-EGD Securities & Exchanges Board of India (SEBI) Electronic Gazette Notification
121 12(4)/2005-EGD Miscellaneous matters
122 12(5)/2005-EGD Grant of Honorarium EGD Officers
123 12(6)/2005-EGD Tenth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Inter State Council
124 12(7)/2005-EGD Policy paper regarding Regulatory Framework in the area of safety & EMI/EMC
125 13(1)/2005-EGD Miscellaneous conferences. Seminars reg.
126 13(2)/2005-EGD International Symposium on e governance for the developing world best practices and readiness assessment march 20-22,2005
127 13(3)/2005-EGD Workshop with World Bank rel. e Governance
128 13(4)/2005-EGD International Conference on e governance in the Developing world Best Practices and critical success factors July 29,31 Hyderabad
129 13(5)/2005-EGD National Conference of District Collectors
130 13(6)/2005-EGD Presiding officers conference of Legislative Bodies
131 13(7)/2005-EGD Nomination for various Training/Programme
132 13(8)/2005-EGD Sustainable Development, Urban Governance Expo Nov. 2 nd to 5 th 2005 Pragati Maidan New Delhi
133 13(9)/2005-EGD One day national workshop on Role on Information Technology and GIS in Ground water Resources Problems and Prospects
134 13(10)/2005-EGD Guidelines for DIT support for Conference/ Seminars
    Committees/Working Group on IT related matters
135 14(1)/2005-EGD 8 th National e-governance Conference at Bhubaneswar.
136 14(2)/2005-EGD 8 th Annual International conference ?MAP India 2005 7 Feb-9 Feb 2005
137 14(3)/2005-EGD Apex Committee Brief Note on record major developments relating to e-Governance
138 14(4)/2005-EGD Ministry of Health FW-Expert committee
139 14(5)/2005-EGD 10 th meeting of the Standing Committee & Information State Council Governance
140 14(6)/2005-EGD Report on strategic plan for Implementation of Information and Communication Technology in Indian Judiciary
141 14(7)/2005-EGD Training & Research Advisory Committee Proceeding of PRI Ministry
142 14(8)/2005-EGD Apex Committee e-governance
143 14(9)/2005-EGD Committee on e-governance, IT for rural and social sector
144 14(10)/2005-EGD Workshop on Capacity Building in e-Governance for State Administrative Training Institutes
    International Cooperation
145 15(1)/2005-EGD Interaction with Japan
146 15(2)/2005-EGD Interaction with Govt. of Sweden
147 15(3)/2005-EGD Interaction with Govt. of Peru
148 15(4)/2005-EGD Interaction with Govt. of Brunei
149 15(5)/2005-EGD Interaction with Govt. of Span
150 15(6)/2005-EGD Interaction with Govt. of Republic of the Fiji Island