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e-Governance Conformity Assessment Centres

To ensure trust and confidence of the citizens and all stakeholders involved in the National e-Governance Plan, it is important to provide necessary 3rd Party Audit and Testing services for compliance and certification to various mission mode projects. STQC, which is a Directorate of DEIT, has been providing testing, audit, compliance and certification services in IT domain to the private sector. However, with the inception of NeGP, STQC has extended its services to many e-Governance initiatives and the recent one is MCA21.

Through this project, GoI has established 7 "e-Governance Conformity Assessment Centres (eGCA)" across the country (i.e. Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune/Mumbai, Guwahati) to provide the requisite facilities for testing, audit and certification.

The objective of the project is to create national infrastructure (region-wise) in terms of skills, knowledge and experience with technical and legal expertise in the areas of Information Security, Software Quality, IT Service Quality, Legal and ethical issues of web sites etc. so that conformity with applicable requirements and regulations can be assessed by an independent Third Party rather than relying solely on the assertion of developers and service providers.

With this project eGCA will support:

  • 10 Central Government Mission Mode Projects : Income Tax, Passport visa, Immigration Project, MCA21, Insurance, National Citizen Database, Central Excise, Pension, Banking, e-office.
  • 13 State Government Mission Mode Projects : Land Records, Road Transport, Property Registration, Agriculture, Treasuries, Municipalities, Gram Panchayat, Commercial Taxes, Police, Employment Exchange, Health, Education, PDS. 
  • 8 Integrated Services Mission Mode Projects : EDI e-Commerce, E-biz, Common Service Centres, India Portal, EG Gateway, E-procurement, E-courts, Posts

And other non-mission mode projects of various Ministries and State Governments. This support was made available in the form of Quality Assurance and Conformity Assessments to:

  • State Wide Area Network (SWAN)
  • Data Centre (DC)
  • Common Service Centres (CSC)