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e-District Minutes of Important Meetings

National Roll Out:

Empowered Committee:

Review Meetings through VC:

Video Conference with IT Secretaries:

In the Video Conference (VC) meeting with IT Secretaries of all the States and UTs for National Rollout of e-District MM, held on 24 th September 2012 , it was emphasized that the project needs to be completed in a time bound manner. To achieve this, it is important to have a State specific strategy for the implementation of the e-District project aligned to the Integrated Framework for Delivery of Services, Implementation Guidelines 2012 and the Model SI RFP.

Accordingly, four regional capacity building workshops were scheduled from 12th Oct 2012 to 19th Oct 2012 wherein the State / UT eDistrict team comprising of representatives from SeMT, SPMU, SDA, etc. participated in the workshop. These workshops were successfully concluded with participation from most of the States / UTs. Minutes of Meeting of the Regional Capacity Building workshops are following:



Pilot :