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E-Commerce & Cyber-Laws-Group-VIII

Cyber Regulation Advisory Committee
1. Minister, Information Technology  
2. Secretary, Legislative Department Member
3. Secretary, Ministry of Information Technology Member
4. Secretary, Deptt.of Telecommunications Member
5. Finance Secretary Member
6. Secretary, Ministry of Defence Member
7. Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs Member
8. Secretary, Ministry of Commerce Member
9. Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India Member
10. Shri T.K.Vishwanathan,
presently Member Secretary, Law Commission
11. President, NASSCOM Member
12. President, Internet Service Providers Association Member
13. Director, Central Bureau of Investigation Member
14. Controller of Certifying Authority Member
15. Information Technology Secretary by rotation from the States Member
16. Director General of Police by rotation from the
17. Director, IIT by rotation from the IITs Member
18. Representative of CII Member
19. Representative of FICCI Member
20. Representative of ASSOCHAM Member
21. Sr. Director, Ministry of Information Technology Member Member-Secretary

Its meetings and minutes of such meetings are not open to the public.