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Disciplinary Authority


  • Disciplinary Authority (DA)should frame a formal charge sheet of his own findings based on the Preliminary Report of Vigilance Enquiry/ investigation that charge sheet must the relevant facts duly by documentary/oral
  • Do ensure contain all supported evidence.
  • A should appoint an Inquiry Officer, a Presenting Officer (PO) and the same should be mentioned in the charge sheet itself.
  • Based on the final findings of the 10 in the case, the Disciplinary Authority should judge the case and take his/her own decision to award punishment according to the CDA Rules of the Company.
  • While imposing a penalty, the Disciplinary Authority should ensure that the penalty imposed has a pinching effect and that it commensurate with the gravity of the misconduct established against the Charged Officer.
  • Before making his own final conclusions on the Inquiry Report, the Disciplinary Authority can seek confidential advice from CBI/CVC/Chief Vigilance Officer.


  • The Disciplinary Authority should not invoke his inherent powers to drop the charges after the appointment of Inquiry Officer /Presenting Officer.
  • In no case, the disciplinary authority should hand over copy of the preliminary Enquiry Report either to the Inquiry Officer or to the Charged Officer.
  • While giving judgment, the Disciplinary Authority should not be biased.
  • In no case the organization should suffer any financial loss due to wrong claim or misappropriation of company's fund. Proceedings for protecting Company's interests against any financial loss should be initiated.
  • In case of a representation of the Charged Officer alleging bias against the Inquiry Officer a decision on the same should not be delayed beyond 15 days after the receipt of the representation, otherwise an adverse view will be taken against the concerned authority.