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Convergence Communication Division

Technological innovations are transforming the world around us in unpredictable ways. Technology players have been fairly swift in responding to these changing market dynamics. Businesses need to focus at creating a holistic platform which encompasses all these trends. Technology players in turn must come up with integrated solutions. Convergence Communication Technology is a unique area for researchers, industry professionals, and academics centred on the information and communication technologies.

Convergence Communication Division has identified the following thrust areas:

  • Next Generation Communication & Convergence technologies (Software Defined Radio, Cellular, Cognitive Radio including white spaces, Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
  • Cooperative Communication, Cloud Computing/Communication over Cellular Network, Femto Cell, Mobile Adhoc Network, LTE-A, Wi-Fi, beyond 4G/5G, Smart Gaming, Pervasive Communications and Big Data analytics for societal applications & disaster management.
  • Green Communication and Scavenging energy from ambient EM radiation.
  • Cyber Physical Systems, Internet of Things (IOT) & Machine to Machine (M2M), Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Body Area Network
  • Convergence of wired/wireless networks and fixed mobile convergence.
  • Wireless Technology deployments for rural connectivity (Community Radio, Amateur radio)
  • Digital addressable systems, Multilingual broadcast applications
  • ICT applications in strategic sector.
  • Multimedia Satellite Communication, Satcom products for use in distance education, telemedicine and other e-governance applications
  • Initiate studies in cutting edge technologies and development of road map.

Major Projects promoted & implemented in CCD under the CC&BT

TETRA Base station, Hand held radio, Tetra network, Vehicle mount compact Tetra base-station for Disaster Mgmt, Dial 100 system

Convergence Communication Division

  • TETRA Systems
    • Base Stations
    • Handheld Radios
    • Gateways
    • Disaster Management
    • Dial100-Distress Call Response management system
    • Electronic Personal Safety Systems 
      For women & children
  • Software Defined Radio
    • SDR-NC for Navy
    • SDR Manpack
    • MANET
    • Cognitive radio
  • Advanced Network Management
    • Autonomous Energy aware NMS
    • NMS for SWAN
    • NMS for NKN
  • 4G Wireless standards & simulator
    Centre for Excellence in Wireless Technologies- CEWiT
  • Landslide Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Network
  • Development of Communication System for Underground Mines (Including Trapped Miner Communication)

Above Projects will result in establishing capability for development and application of projects in the areas of Convergence, Communications, Broadband and Strategic technologies. The developments in these areas would help in achieving excellence, establishing indigenous and competitive capability in state-of-the-art technologies, creation of patents, supporting productionisation and cost effective deployment of emerging technologies for addressing domestic and international markets.

Some of the successfully completed Projects in the area of wireless communication and networking are:

  • TETRA Base- station
  • TETRA based Digital Mobile Radio
  • Hand held radio, Tetra network
  • Tetra- Wi-Max Base Station, , Wi-Max Wireless Mesh Network
  • Vehicle mount compact Tetra base-station for Disaster Management
  • Dial 100 system
  • Software Defined Radio
  • 4G Wireless standards & simulator, LTE Test Bed developed
  • Wireless LAN manager
  • WSN applications for Agriculture, Transportation, WSN Monitoring System for Detection of Harmful Gases
  • WSN for underwater detection system
  • Underground Mines communication, Landslide Monitoring System,
  • Tracking & monitoring system using RFID for disaster Management in mines,
  • Multiple Language Subtitles on DTH,
  • Indoor Personal Relay

Some of the ongoing projects under CCD are:

  • High Performance Cognitive Radio Networks,
  • Fiber to the home and Key Ingredient Technologies for Energy Conservation and Bridging the Indian Digital Divide
  • Development of mobile PDA based information management and communication system
  • Innovation hub on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)
  • An Ultra-low Cost Microwave Imaging System using active RFID for Surveillance Applications
  • Technology development for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET)
  • Next Generation Waveform Development for SDR Application - Phase-I
  • Spectrum Aware Rural Connectivity (SPARC)
  • Real Time Monitoring of Water Quality of Dal Lake, Srinagar using Wireless Sensor Network by National Institute of Electronics & Inf Technology
  • Development of feasibility assessment model for adaptation of underground coal gasification technology in the North-East Region of India
  • Project on Green Symbiotic Cloud Communications
  • Project on Safety Alert & Advisory Information System using Vehicular Communication (SAVER)
  • Technology Development For Autonomic Energy Aware Management of Network & Cloud
  • Green Sensor Networks for Air Quality Support
  • Wireless Sensor Networks for Protecting Wildlife and Humans
  • Building Cyber Physical System for healthcare applications over a managed 6LoWPAN network using wearable devices
  • Internet of Things (IOT) for smarter healthcare
  • Online city air pollution monitoring with moving node in GSM network
  • Development of re-configurable frequency hoping transmitter and receive for long haul SDR in the HF and the L-band
  • Self-Powered wireless chipset for building to building communication
  • Development of tracking system for controlling illegal mining and coal transportation in North Eastern Coalfields, Assam
  • o Design and FPGA prototyping of multicarrier multiple access schemes for variable rate multimedia satellite communication
  • Design & Implementation of Cellular Cognitive Radio Network
  • Safety Alert System Using Dedicated Short Range Communication to on Road Vehicles
  • Dual- Connectivity LTE- Wifi Solution for Broadband Wireless Networks
  • Project Proposal on SDR Development Platform for Researchers and Academia
  • Multi Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks in Tracking and Surveillance
  • Converged cloud communication technology

Some new Projects being initiated are:

  • Big Data Analytic for building Information and Decision Support system in Intensive Care Units in India
  • Framework for Healthcare Analytics
  • iHAI: An integrated monitoring system for control and prevention of hospital acquired infections
  • Crowd Control Management Techniques of Kumbh Mela using big data analytics
  • Development of digital mine using IoT
  • Smartphone Sensing and Cloud Computing based Massive Graph Analytics
  • weBreathe: An Integrated City Wide Air Quality Monitoring and Alerting System for Rapidly Developing Settlements
  • Smart Campus Water Management: Closing the IoT Loop from Network to Knowledge
  • Service-Prioritized Opportunistic Commn Enabler and Efficient MAC &Network Layer for IOT
  • Distributed Bayesian learning algorithms for big data with applications to resource allocation and scheduling in 4G wireless networks
  • Amateur Radio High Frequency Transceiver (IT308)
  • Design and development of a patient-centered framework using Bigdata for improving healthcare services
  • IoT based mobility service for visually impaired to aid independent living