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Completed Projects/Major Achievements

1. Bio-informatics Resource and Application facility (BRAF) Phase II at Centre For Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) at Pune

2. Novel Algorithms for Sequence Alignment of Proteins and RNAs at Bioinformatics & Applied Biotechnology (IBAB), Bangalore

3. Development of a Web-enabled Protein Structure Prediction Software at IIT, Delhi

4. Developing a Software to Predict Expression Pattern of Genes Specific to Male Reproductive System at IBAB, Bangalore

5. Indian Botanic Gardens Network at National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI), Lucknow

6. Development of a Software Tool to identify Ligand-Binding Site of 3D Structure of a Protein at Biotechnology Centre J.N. Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Jabalpur

7. Bioinformatics Approach for Identification of Hypothetical ORF in Bacterial Genome & Hydrogen Production Pathways at AU-KBC Research Centre, Anna University Chennai

8. Targeted Anti-Cancer Lead Discovery: Virtual Screening (VS) Of Chemical Libraries Enriched In Natural Products at Rajiv Gandhi Centre of Biotechnology Thiruvanthapuram

9. Development of Atomistic Approach for describing Excited States of Biological Systems: A Case Study on Proton Pumping Pathway of FO-F1 ATP Synthase at JNU New Delhi

10. Development of Software Tools for Designing Proteins to Engineer Plant and Mammalian Genomes at Bioinformatics Centre, Pondicherry University

11. Understanding the molecular basis of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus, modeling folding mechanism of Amyloidogenic Proteins at Centres of Excellence for Research and Training in Bioinformatics at IBAB Bangalore, Bioinformatics Centres at Pune and Pondicherry University

12. Development of Computational Workflow for High Throughput Genome Analysis at CDAC, Pune

13. Development of Gene Expression Databases and Promoter Prediction Programs specific to Important Mammalian Tissues at IBAB, Bangalore

14. Developing an Agent Run-time Environment for Biological Simulations at National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST), Thiruvananthapuram

15. Comparative Analysis of Microbial Community in Meghalaya at at Department of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong

16. Development of Twilight Zone Sequence Annotation Tool Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappall

17. Internet Computing Software to Detect Various Repeats in Genome and Protein Sequences at IISc, Bangalore

18. Developing a Database of Type III Polyketide Synthase Protein Structures at Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram

19. Agri Bioinformatics Promotion Program

20. Designing Novel Anti-Malarial Drug Using Target Based Pharmacore Approach at JNU

21. Web server that Predicts Hub Proteins

22. In Silico Prediction of Subcellular Localization at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Punjab

23. Text Mining and Data Warehousing of Protein Kinases Relationships and Pathways at Bhartiar University, Coimbatore

24. DNA Barcoding Based Biodiversity Inventory in Zingiberaceae of North East at IIT, Guwahat

25. Therapeutics against Leishmansiasis IIT, Guwahat

26. North East Project on Tea Bioinformatics at Tea Research association Jorhat, Assam

27. Development of microbial database of NE India at North Eastern Hill University, Shillong

28. North East Parasite Information and Analysis Centre- an In Silico Approach at North Eastern Hill University, Shillong.