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Completed Assessments

2007 - 08

PROJECTS:In 2007-08, three national level projects and three state-level projects were assessed. The studies included both the control and the treatment groups i.e. the users who have experienced manual system and users who have experienced the computerised system.

National-level Projects:Three National-level projects were assessed across the country with a total sample size ranging from 7000-9000 respondents. These projects are:

  • MCA21
  • Passport
  • Income Tax

State-level Projects: Three state level projects implemented across 13 states were chosen for assessment. The total sample size for each of the project was between 600-800 respondents per state. These projects are:

  • Land Records
  • Property Registration
  • Transport

For the Report please click here[PDF]978.63 KB

ASSESSMENT FRAMEWORK: For the assessment of the above e-Governance Projects an Assessment Framework based on key dimensions (Economic, Governance and Quality of Services etc) was designed in consultation with the India Institute of Management Ahmadabad (IIMA). For the Assessment Framework please click here

PARTNERS : The Assessments were conducted through a Knowledge Partner and a set of Market Research Agencies.

Knowledge Partner

India Institute of Management Ahmadabad (IIMA) worked as the Knowledge Partner for all the assessment studies conducted. The institution was responsible for the overall methodology, framework, sampling and survey instruments for the studies conducted.

Market Research Agencies

A total of 11 Market Research Agencies were empanelled to carry out the fieldwork, digitization of data and analysis for the Impact Assessment studies. For list of Market Research Agencies please click here