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CCBT Projects

Convergence Communication Division:

  • High Performance Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Innovation hub on Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET)
  • Fiber to the Home
  • Vehicular Sensor & Mesh Network Based Intelligent Transportation System
  • Building Delay Tolerant Peer to Peer Network
  • Amateur Radio Advanced Digital Communication Network
  • Landslide Monitoring System for NE region using Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Low-cost WSN Monitoring System for Detection of Harmful Gases
  • WSN for underwater detection system
  • Android based application for Geo Profile
  • Mobile PDA based information management system
  • Multiple Language subtitles on DTH
  • Ultra-low Cost Microwave Imaging System using active RFID
  • Real Time Monitoring of Water Quality of Dal Lake using WSN

Broadband Technologies Division:

  • Design and development of adaptive OFDM transceiver
  • Design and development of broadband and dual band antennas for modern wireless communication systems
  • Design and study of next generation green broadband wireless network for power saving and testbed based on mobile WiMax
  • Channel/Cluster Optimization Techniques for Efficient Spectral Utilization in Wireless Broadband using MIMO and Multiple antenna Technology
  • Research in UWB (Ultra Wide Band) Radio Technology and its Application
  • Providing QoS to real and non-real time applications over WiMAX
  • Development of a state of the art test bed for advanced research in Multimedia over IP in an inter-networking environment for guaranteed and secured Quality of Service with content customization capability (STREAM over IP)
  • Cognitive Radio Networks for Broadband Wireless  Access – Phase 1
  • Development of Smart Antenna for Wireless Applications
  • RF MEMS switches for Wideband reconfigurable RF Microsystems
  • Development of Neuro-Evolutionary Computational Tools for Improvement of Performance of MIMO-OFDM Based Wireless Networking
  • Development of front-end for wireless data link at 60 GHz
  • Secure Turbulence Resistant Free Space Optical (FSO) Links for Broadband Wireless Access Networks