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Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(C-DAC) (Head Quarters)

Pune University Campus
Ganesh Khind
Pune - 411 007
Maharashtra (India)
Phone : +91-20-2570-4100
Fax : +91-20-2569 4004
For contact information visit: http://cdac.in/html/contact.aspx


C-DAC is a premier research and development Society of DeitY.  Spread across 11 cities in the country, the various labs of C-DAC carry out cutting edge R&D and innovation activities ranging from conceptualization to field deployment, in a number of areas within the space of electronics, information and communication technologies having national and international importance. 

C-DAC’s thematic areas of current focus include (a) High Performance Computing/ Supercomputing and Grid Computing, (b) Indian Language Technologies, (c) Cyber Security, (d) Professional Electronics covering VLSI Technologies, Power Systems Technologies, Intelligent Transport Systems, (e) Health Informatics, (f) Software Technologies covering Free & Open Source Technologies and e-Governance Applications, and (g) Education Technologies covering e-Learning and intelligent Class Rooms.  In each of the areas, it has produced significant results in terms of innovation, system design and development, research publication as well as deployment.

In high performance computing, C-DAC has initiated major steps towards design and development of computing systems with petaflop and exaflop performance.   Its latest system, PARAM Yuva-II has been recognized in the world in terms of performance and power efficiency.  A cloud computing system has been established as a test bed for R&D in the area of cloud computing, and is also being used to offer many of C-DAC services through this media. Through a number of multi-institutional consortia projects and in-house projects, the language technology solutions are being strengthened in areas such as machine translation, character recognition, speech to speech translation, etc. The successful field trial of the wireless traffic signal control system and its technology transfer to industry is among the number of achievements in the professional electronics area.  Its products and solutions in the area of Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics are finding increasing adoption in the field. A number of systems have been developed and are undergoing field trials in e-learning, and e-governance. Development of a mobile service delivery framework is extending the reach of e-governance services through use of mobile devices. C-DAC solutions for hospital information management and telemedicine are finding increasing adoption in various parts of the country.