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Business Process Re-engineering

One of the key aspects of the National Rollout of eDistrict MMP is Business Process Reengineering (BPR) of the services being provided under this project. BPR is intended to enable process simplification and significant value addition to citizens.

BPR Reports of the Pilot States:

Uttar Pradesh[ZIP]11.04 MB, Assam[ZIP]2.69 MB, Tamil Nadu[ZIP]39.62 MB, Kerala[ZIP]13.85 MB, Madhya Pradesh[ZIP]11 MB, West Bengal[ZIP]6.3 MB, Mizoram[ZIP]7.36 MB, Maharashtra[ZIP]8.89 MB, Jharkhand[ZIP]3.81 MB, Bihar[ZIP]3.83 MB, Orissa[ZIP]14.94 MB, Punjab [ZIP]22.97 MBand Haryana[ZIP]11.33 MB.

BPR Reports of the States under National Rollout: