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Government of India Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology

Broadband Technologies Division

The growing communication needs and business processes demand for faster Internet access and innovative interactive content have ushered in the broadband. There is a need to create an eco-system for safe and affordable broadband connectivity for the masses, which would simultaneously be an instrument to provide basic services like health, education, entertainment, government services and other relevant services ensuring Right to Broadband. This calls for intensive research and innovations in the area of the Broadband Access Network, Mobile and Wireless Sensor Network, Next Generation Green Broadband Network, CPE & Terminals, Management of Services and Network, Multimedia & Content and Security.

Broadband Technologies Division has identified the following thrust areas:

  • Broadband Wireless Access Technologies for last mile access
  • Visible Light Communication (VLC), Vehicular ad-hoc Networks (VANET)
  • Massive MIMO for Next Generation Wireless systems
  • 60 GHz Wireless Network,
  • Development of IP based products/services
  • Green Communication
  • Wireless Technology deployments for rural connectivity (LTE-A, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max)
  • IP based products/services & Low Cost Broadband Internet access devices
  • Broadband applications integrated with NOFN project

Some of the successfully completed Projects in the area of Broadband Technologies are:

  • Ultra Wide Band Transceiver with Antenna
  • Smart Antenna for Broadband Wireless Applications
  • MB-OFDM UWB Transceiver
  • High Power & Spectral Efficiency Multiuser System
  • Resilient packet Ring (IEEE 802.17 MAC) Technology
  • Relays for 4G Broadband Wireless Networks
  • Wi-Max QoS test bed set up
  • Secure Turbulence Resistant Free Space Optical (FSO) Links for Broadband Wireless Access Networks
  • Wireless data link at 60 GHz
  • Multimedia over IP
  • MIMO-OFDM Based Wireless Networking

Some of the ongoing projects under in the area of Broadband Technologies are:

  • LTE Based System for Enhanced Security and QoS
  • MAC Protocol Design for Cognitive Radio Networks
  • QoS Provisioning for Rural Areas using Wi-Fi
  • Design and Development of Compact Co-Planar Patch and Fractal Antennas for Wideband and Ultra-Wideband Communication Systems,
  • Development of Certain System on Chip (SOC) Approaches for Design of Soft-Computation Aid Transreceiver and Adaptive Antenna Design, Interference Mitigation and Beam-forming of MIMO-OFDMs for Wireless Networking,
  • Interference Mitigation Methods through Base Station Cooperation in Next Generation Wireless Broadband Mobile Communications Network
  • Multiuser MIMO in 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard using Soft-computing Tools
  • Energy efficient radio access for 4G LTE broadband wireless access network
  • Small Cell WiFi Networks for the Enterprise
  • Early Fire Detection and Safe Exit Guiding System

Some new Projects being initiated are:

  • Full-Duplex Wireless Communication
  • Development of Software Solution and Hydro-geological Decision Support System for Integrated Hydro-geologic Modelling for Water Budgeting in Sikkim
  • Automated Healthcare for rural/urban folks on the prevention of diseases predisposed by disaster outbreaks by using Tablet PC or Mobile based Alarm
  • Design & Implementation of "An Enhanced DoA Estimation System for Target Detection using WARP-USRP2 hardware"