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Awareness & Communication

Awareness and Communication is an integral component of the National e-Governance Plan. A&C performs the crucial role of generating and raising the level of awareness about NeGP, related services and service delivery channels amongst NeGP’s diverse stakeholders across the country. The main objectives of A&C activities are:

  • Build NeGP as an umbrella brand
  • Create awareness about e-Governance services and service delivery points
  • Build ownership/ stake of implementers in NeGP

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology has been mandated with the task of generating awareness about the Plan amongst various stakeholders. To build the NeGP brand, disseminate information about the Plan, its Mission Mode Projects, enhance visibility of e-services and service delivery channels, several activities have been undertaken.

DeitY to implement e-Participation Policy
Recognizing the need to empower and enable citizens and other stakeholders to engage in policy making process as well as to provide policy-makers with the decision support tools to unpack information, opinion, perception and collective knowledge that accumulate as a result of e-participation, DeitY has approved an e-Participation Policy. DeitY became the first department of Government of India to approve an e-Participation Policy. The Policy will be applicable to and implemented by all groups within DeitY and all DeitY organizations.

The Vision of the policy is “To build partnership in policy & project formulation and implementation and make decision making more transparent and inclusive”

The Mission is to create enabling environment and provide access to e-participation tools and technology leading to more effective implementation of policies and project formulation and implementation

Click here for approved e-Participation Policy