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Official Language activities of the Ministry

Status of Implementation

Overall position of implementation of the Official Language Policy in the Ministry

Compliance of section 3(3) of the Official Language Act

The general orders, notifications, resolutions, circulars etc. are being issued bilingually as required under section 3(3) of the Official Language Act. If any of the above documents is issued only in English during any quarter by any office under the Ministry, the same is asked to be rectified during the review of the quarterly progress reports of that office. The schemes meant for the welfare of the common man are prepared both in Hindi and English so that the information may reach to the grass-root level. The instructions have been issued to the concerned sections to correspond in Hindi with the non-governmental organizations working under the Ministry.

Use of Hindi in correspondence

The correspondence is being made in Hindi with the various offices of the State Governments/Union Territory Administrations and the Central Govt. located in region A and B as well as with the individuals approaching the Ministry to get their personal grievances redressed. The standard proforma drafts of various communications have been translated in Hindi and circulated among the concerned sections. Orders have been issued under Rule 8(4) of the Official Language Act to the employees who are proficient in Hindi to do their work in Hindi only.

Compliance of Rule 5 of the Official Language Rules, 1976

As per the rule, all the letters received in Hindi are being replied to in Hindi only. The issue is discussed in the meetings of the Official Language Implementation Committee of the Ministry. The officers have been given instructions to ensure that the letters received in Hindi are replied to in Hindi only.

Working on Computer in Hindi

All the officers/employees of the Ministry have got working knowledge of Hindi. All the Computers are Unicode enabled and are capable of working in Hindi. Officers/employees are working on Computer in Hindi using Unicode.

Apex meetings

Discussions are held in Hindi and English at all high level meetings. The minutes of all important meetings like Standing Committee and Consultative Committee are also circulated in Hindi.

Official Language Inspections

To ensure the implementation of Official Language policy in the offices under the administrative control of this Ministry, Official Language inspections of attached & subordinate offices are being done from time to time.

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