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API Setu

APIs are the building blocks of the digital transformation and it needs a world-class API infrastructure that delivers now and into the future.  API can act as a gateway to e-Governance data and services by not only promoting software interoperability for e-Governance applications but at the same time provide secure and controlled access to data and services of e-Governance applications to stakeholders, including partners and citizens. An effective API Strategy will drive future direction for nationwide e-Governance data and services. It will empower digital transformation, opening avenues to new types of solutions, drive innovation, improve time-to-value, and open new possibilities for creative e-Governance models.

MeitY in 2015 had notified the ‘Policy on Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)’. The policy intended to promote efficient sharing of data among data owners and inter-and-intra Governmental agencies to achieve the objective of interoperable systems in order to deliver services in an integrated manner. This project intends to facilitate implementation of this policy.

Under the project, ‘API Setu’ platform has been developed, which enables swift, transparent, safe and reliable information sharing across applications to bring efficiency in e-Governance service delivery.

Website:  https://apisetu.gov.in/