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Accessibility (Knowledge & Resource Centre for Accessibility in ICT (KAI))

Knowledge & Resource Centre for Accessibility in ICT (KAI) Project funded by MeitY to develop procurement guidelines for accessible hardware & software. The project is being implemented by CDAC, Pune.

The objective of the project includes conducting study on the suitability of EN301-549 in terms of India specific requirements and preparation of Draft Indian standard, drafting of Testing and Compliance report for 5 products from different domains such as Web/Portals, software, hardware, embedded/Closed system, constitution of the Drafting Committee and Drafting of Indian Standard for ‘Accessibility requirements for ICT products and services’ and conducting training and Capacity building workshops for specific segments of stakeholders.

  • Accessibility Testing of Portals/ Websites: C-DAC team has identified a representative cross-section of products and services in different domains based on: (a) High impact solutions, (b) Widely used, (c) Covering various sectors. Following are the portals/websites selected:
    • Portals: Swayam, GeM, JEE, eSanjeevani OPD, IRCTC
    • Mobile app: BHIM app
    • Software: Tally Prime running on a Desktop and a
    • A closed system (Talking ATM)
  • Courseware for Awareness and Capacity Building have been prepared
  • Beta version of website for Accessibility Resources is ready and will be continuously populated