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Term Description

SaaS: Software As A Service

SAMEER: Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engg. and Research

SAP: Service Access Providers

SASEC : South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation

SCA: Service Centre Agency

SCADM: Single Channel Add-Drop Multiplexer

SDA: State Designated Agency

SDR: Software-Defined Radios

SeMT: State e-Governance Mission Team

SEZ: Special Economic Zone

SLA: Service Level Agreement

SIA : State Implementing Agency

SIPS: Special Incentives Package Scheme

SITs: Sattelite Interactive Terminals

SOA: Service Oriented Architecture

SMDP : Special Manpower Development Programme

SPF: State Portal Framework

SRS: Software Requirement Specifications

SSDG: State Services Delivery Gateway

SSL: Secure Socket Layer

STQC Dte.: Standardisation, Testing and Quality Certification Directorate

STT: State Technical Team

SDC: State Data Centre

SHQ: State Headquarter

SIA: State Implementing Agency

SIP-EIT: Support International Patent Protection in Electronics & IT

STPI: Software Technology Park of India

SVM: Support Vector Machine

SWAN: State Wide Area Network