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Aadhaar-Digital Biometric Identity Infrastructure

The Aadhaar System is built on a sound strategy and a strong technology backbone and has evolved into a vital digital identity infrastructure. Aadhaar, being a unique digital ID – provides a powerful platform for authenticating a resident anytime and anywhere which is in line with the vision of the UIDAI. The purpose of Authentication is to enable residents to prove their identity and for service providers to confirm that the residents are ‘who they say they are' in order to supply services and give access to benefits.

Enrolment & Update Ecosystem

Enrolment Ecosystem consists of Registrars and Enrolment Agencies. Registrar is an entity authorised or recognized by UIDAI for the purpose of enrolling individuals. Enrolment Agencies are appointed by Registrars and are responsible for collecting demographic and biometric information of individuals during the enrolment process by engaging certified Operators/Supervisors.

Authentication Ecosystem

The UIDAI has set up a scalable ecosystem for the purpose of instant authentication of residents. The Aadhaar authentication ecosystem is capable of handling tens of millions of authentications on a daily basis, and can be scaled up further as per the demand. The UIDAI has appointed a number of Authentication Service Agencies (ASAs) and Authentication User Agencies (AUAs) from various Government and non-Government organisations.

Registered Biometric Devices

The UIDAI, in partnership with STQC, has also laid down the technical standards for biometric devices, and certified a number of them to enhance the security level,UIDAI has taken several security measures to ensure security of transactions and end to end traceability during authentication process to make it more robust and secure ,UIDAI along with biometric device vendors and STQC is working on the concept of Registered devices. UIDAI vide their letter no dt 25.01.2017 have directed to all their AUA/ ASAs to ask their device vendors to ensure upgrade of existing biometric devices to registered devices by 1st June 2017.The detailed specification for Registered Devises are available at Link

https://uidai.gov.in/images/authentication/registered_devices_letter_30012017.pdf[PDF]908.91 KB

For more details Please refer UIDAI website https://uidai.gov.in